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Esthetician & Lash Artist

 Jenna Plastic

       I am a licensed Esthetician of 14  years offering Facials and skin care treatments, eyelash extensions and more. Keeping  overall health in mind, I utilize the skin body connection and provide topical result driven treatments with medical grade skin care and technologies, all in a relaxing experience for your skin, mind, and soul.

     When you step into my studio and onto my treatment table I strive to give you an experience you won't forget. I am dedicated to your healing journey, easing your stress and helping you achieve the best version of yourself. I look forward to helping you look and feel your best!

Skin Care

 Our skin is a messenger and detox organ. what is going on inside our bodies will eventually show in the skin. I take a holistic internal approach, while topically treating the skin with gentle stimulation, avoiding trauma and inflammation. I nourish the skin with what it needs inside and out allowing it to heal, reverse damage, and achieve optimal health. You will not only feel amazing but your skin will GLOW from the inside out.  I am dedicated to providing result driven, healing treatments all while giving you the most relaxing experience possible.  

Bellatrix Beauty proudly uses Osmosis Beauty, 

 iS Clinical,  and Glymed Plus products

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every style is customized for your unique look, classic, Hybrid, or volume styles. Using a clear adhesive from LashBox LA with low fumes, great for sensitive clients who may suffer from allergies. this adhesive has an awesome retention rate when lashes are cared for properly. quality lash extensions are used to give you anywhere from a natural to dramatic eyelash extension look.

Proud authorized retailer of iS Clinical, Glymed Plus, and Osmosis Beauty. Also providing all your Lash home care needs.

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“This girl is AMAZING! I've been going to Bellatrix Beauty for several months now and she did the impossible; she cleared my face! I had severe acne and hyperpigmentation and it's all gone, I have not had a breakout since. No one else is allowed to touch my face.” 

—  Sakata, Client