Lash Care

  • Cleanse your lashes daily and remove all makeup before bed

  • Brush your lashes daily

  • DO NOT get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application

  • DO NOT touch, rub, or pull on your lashes!

  • DO NOT allow any oils to come in contact with your extensions

  • DO NOT use products that are not made for lash extensions

  • DO NOT wear water-proof mascara

  • DO NOT use eyelash curlers

  • Avoid saunas 

  • Avoid hot water on your lash extensions


If you want your lashes to last, cleansing is very important! Our skin produces oil, and oil will break down the adhesive causing your extensions to shed sooner than expected. Not only will your lashes look better by cleansing regularly, but they will last longer and cleansing will protect the health of your eyes.  For those who suffer from allergies, cleansing will also help alleviate those symptoms. 


We all have microscopic parasites that live on our natural lashes. Although these parasites are harmless, an excessive number of these little guys in the lash follicles caused by poor hygiene will usually result in the eyelash falling out. Neglecting your lashes will cause sensitivity and a higher chance of reaction. 

At the very least cleanse your lashes 4 times a week with a cleanser specifically made for extensions. DO NOT use anything other than products made for extensions. Even products that claim to be oil-free can contain oils that will affect the life of your extensions. You can purchase this lash extension cleanser through me at your lash appointment. On the days you're not using your cleanser, rinse your lashes with water, pat dry, and brush them with your lash spoolie you will receive at your lash appointment. Brushing daily is important. 

  1. Pump your Lash Bath on to your cleansing brush. Gently work the cleanser into your lashes in a downward motion, in the direction of the hair growth. Use circular motions on the eye lid to remove any eyeshadow or eyeliner. 

  2. Rinse thoroughly with water.

  3. Pat dry and DO NOT RUB your eyes. You could also use a hair dryer on it’s minimum COOL setting.

  4. Use a CLEAN, dry mascara spoolie to GENTLY brush through your lashes to leave them neat and fluffy.